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Giveaway ends March 28th, exactly one month before INVINCIBLE goes on sale. (Sorry, this one’s just for U.S. addresses.)

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I am so, so, so excited to tell you about the INVINCIBLE release party at Malaprop’s Bookstore on Tuesday, April 28th!


I am honored to be joined by these three amazing authors:

Robin Constantine‘s romantic new book THE SECRETS OF ATTRACTION comes out on April 28th, the same day as INVINCIBLE!


Delilah S. Dawson‘s futuristic thriller HIT releases April 14th!

hitJaye Robin Brown, whose moving contemporary NO PLACE TO FALL came out in December, will be our very special guest.


I am so thrilled to be joined by such amazing women for this triple release party! It’s going to be an incredible night of diverse YA, and I hope you’ll join us. Put it on your calendar now!

Tuesday, April 28th

7:00 pm

Malaprop’s Bookstore

55 Haywood Street, Asheville, NC

We haven’t come up with a name for the event yet, but we’re taking suggestions….

It is exactly three months until my new book INVINCIBLE comes out! To celebrate, I am giving away five free copies of the Advance Reader Copy.

Enter to win by clicking on this Rafflecopter giveaway, and tell your friends! Five winners will be announced on February 13th. Good luck!


Happy New Year! I hope your 2015 is going well so far. I have a good feeling about this year. For one, this is the year of The Sheep, which is my Chinese astrological sign. It is also the year my new book INVINCIBLE is being released (on April 28th), the first in a two-book series. I cannot explain to you how proud I am of this book.


If you’re a book reviewer, blogger, librarian, or other such industry types, egalleys of INVINCIBLE are now available through Edelweiss.

AND… I have some ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) of INVINCIBLE to give away! These are promotional copies the publisher prints before the book goes through final proofreading, so they have lots of fun typos and stuff. (Is finding typos in books only fun for big nerds like me?)

I haven’t decided exactly how or when I’m going to do the giveaway yet, so stay tuned for more info.

Happy New Year!


Happy November!

In the couple of weeks since DAMAGED released, I’ve been busy traversing the internet on my virtual book tour (since it’s impossible for me to do a real book tour with a toddler). Here’s a list of all the fun stuff I’ve been doing in case you missed anything:

  • Guest post at Nova Ren Suma’s The Book of My Heart series, in which I reveal the personal story behind CLEAN and my own struggles with addiction and alcoholism.
  • DAMAGED playlist at YA Misfits: Band Geek Thursdays, where I share the soundtrack for the book and some of my favorite songs.
  • Guest post at Dear Teen Me. My letter to a very lost and scared 16-year old me.
  • Interview with YA Highway, in which I discuss my venture into paranormal and writing difficult material.
  • Successful Author Talk at Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire, where I discuss various aspects of being a writer.
  • Guest post at Actin’ Up with Books, where I discuss the books that inspired me to become a writer.
  • Guest post at Writers Read, where I confess to sort of hating short stories.
  • My AMA (Ask Me Anything) at the YA Writers Reddit, where I answer a few questions about writing.


If you’re in the Asheville, North Carolina area, I will be making a rare physical appearance at Malaprops Bookstore this Thursday, November 6th, from 3:00-5:00 pm, where I’ll be signing books and trying to get rid of our leftover Halloween candy (if I don’t eat it all by then). Come by and say hi! They have all my books in stock, and it’s never too early to start Christmas shopping at your local independent bookstore.



Damaged book cover

Hello friends, family, and fans,

I am so incredibly excited to tell you that my new book DAMAGED comes out TODAY!

I started writing it three summers ago while on a cross-country road trip with my husband, Brian, and just barely pregnant with my daughter Elouise. Kinsey and Hunter, the main characters in DAMAGED, visit many of the same places we came across on our route, and I hope you will take the journey with them.

Part ghost story, part epic road trip, and part reluctant love story, DAMAGED offers readers another piercing, poignant story full of emotional truth from author Amy Reed.

After Kinsey’s best friend Camille dies in a car accident during which Kinsey was driving, Kinsey shuts down, deciding that numbness is far better than mourning. All she wants during the last few weeks of high school is to be left alone, but Camille’s mysterious boyfriend, Hunter–who was also in the car that night–has different ideas.

Despite all of Kinsey’s efforts, she can’t outrun Camille, who begins haunting her dreams. Sleep deprived and on the verge of losing it, Kinsey runs away with Hunter to San Francisco. As they drive across the country, trying to escape both the ghost of Camille and their own deep fears, Kinsey questions all she once believed about her friendship with Camille. Hunter, meanwhile, falls into a spiral of alcoholism, anger, and self-loathing. Ultimately, Kinsey and Hunter must come to terms with what they’ve lost and accept that they can’t outrun pain.

Publisher’s Weekly called DAMAGED a “thoughtful portrait of survivor’s guilt and road trip story about taking the risk of shedding one’s past,” and Kirkus called it “haunting, in more ways than one.” School Library Journal said it is a “striking novel” that offers a “well-plotted and excellently written meditation on grief, loss, and the power of new beginnings.”

I am honored to share my book with you, and I hope you enjoy it. You can purchase it at your local bookstore or online at places like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Simon & Schuster, my local independent bookstore Malaprop’s, and many other retailers. If your local bookstore doesn’t have it, please request that they order it!

Here are some other things you can do to help your favorite authors:

  • Buy our books as close to the release date as possible
  • Request that your local library carry our books
  • Share news about our books on social media like Facebook and Twitter
  • Leave positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads
  • Share the news by good old fashioned word of mouth

I would be grateful if you’d do any of these things to help spread the word about DAMAGED. It is a great joy to write books for you all. Thank you so much for your support.


I am so incredibly excited to finally show you the cover for INVINCIBLE, the first book in my two-book series with Katherine Tegen/Harper Collins (the same folks who do Veronica Roth’s DIVERGENT series, among other amazing books).


Live hard. Love hard. Don’t look back.

Evie is living on borrowed time. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer several months ago and told that by now she’d be dead. Evie is grateful for every extra day she gets, but she knows that soon this disease will kill her. Until, miraculously, she may have a second chance to live.

All Evie had wanted was her life back, but now that she has it, she feels like there’s no place for her in it—at least, not for the girl she is now. Her friends and her parents still see her as Cancer Girl, and her boyfriend’s constant, doting attention is suddenly nothing short of suffocating.

Then Evie meets Marcus. She knows that he’s trouble, but she can’t help falling for him. Being near him makes her feel truly, fully alive. It’s better than a drug. His kiss makes her feel invincible—but she may be at the beginning of the biggest free fall of her life.

To be Released April 28, 2015

Isn’t it beeeyoooootiful?! I can’t wait for you to read it.



(P.S. Don’t forget DAMAGED is coming out NEXT WEEK!)


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